Relevant projects

Relevant projects:


No. Contract
1. Feasibility study for the development of a geospatial database(GIS)
2. Analysis of RIS data processes’ management and investigation of the need and realization of bidirectional transfer (semi)automatic of reference data in RIS systems operated at the operational level
3. Specialized design services for the elaboration of technical part for “Opportunity study / substantiation for implementation concession, administration and operation of a system of public payed parking management in Deva Municipality, in number of 943″
4. Feasibility study for “Implementing traffic lights in Deva junctions” (area between M. Eminescu – Gh. Baritiu junction and Piata Unirii – Lucian Blaga junction) in Deva Municipality
5. Feasibility study for “Video surveillance system Parc Cetate” in Deva Municipality
6. Consultancy services for the elaboration of the documentation “Sustainable development strategy of Hunedoara Municipality for 2014-2020″
7. Elaboration of Deva Sustainable Strategy for 2014-2020
8. Tent rental services for George Enescu International Festival
9. Consultancy services for for external management implementation of the project “Traffic management and video surveillance in Timisoara City”
10. IT services, training and government assistance, software packages and IT systems, servers for the “National System of Cyber-crime Prevention -Cyber ​​Crime” project”
11. Feasibility study and technical project for the POS CCE 2007-2013 proposal “Sustaining the implementation of e-government solutions and ensuring broadband connection, where necessary, call 3″
12. Project management and consultancy services for the project “Providing 5 mobile laboratories”
13. Technical assistance services for IE specialty (low voltage wiring) for the project “Improvement of social infrastructure by the purchase of equipment to increase safety and crime prevention, west urban area Tulcea”
14. Staff recruitment services and providing labor for the Beneficiary, project management and the assurance of technical, commercial and logistical support for the implementation of the project “Provision of 19 monitoring and detection of direction stations”
15. Providing consultancy services and technical documentation for the technical analysis on “Analysis of digital and analogue TV spectrum, national coverage of DVB Terrestrial (fixed and mobile)”;
Project management services for the implementation of the analysis for the strategies of analog-digital migration
16. Specialized technical and financial consultancy for the final stage of development of activities for the project “Development of the research infrastructure of Biochemistry Institute in order to increase the competitiveness in the field of biomedical proteomics / PROCERA”
17. Innovative integrated automation system adapted for use by people with disability.
Innovative software for technical-economic modeling for private operators.
18. “Policies and Procedures for ANCOM Bridge solution”, “Implementation of a certification authority to ensure cross-certification with other PKI infrastructures and managing lists of trusted certificates (CTL)”, “Create a template certification policy for operating ANCOM Bridge CA”, “Project analysis, including the opportunity for the technical analysis for ANCOM”,”Analysis of business requirements for capabilities from the user’s point of view”, “Development of proficiency testing techniques”, “Plans design and preparation of technical documentation required to implement the project to the end customer”, “Development of the website implemented for the publication of lists of trusted certificates”, “Providing support for project implementation, drafting responses to any requests for information from the final client – ANCOM”, “Testing certSAFE update – elaborating testing report for certSAFE, like error handling”
19. Technical documentation and support services, for the realization of the documentation needed to implement low voltage networks for the project “Bucharest Emergency Management System”
20. Consultancy activities and project management for the implementation of the project “Services related to upgrading the 5 coverage measurement systems for measuring mobile networks parameters, designing the equipment integration module and related software”
21. General design and consultancy services and delivering EU structural financed programs presentations, for and within Agriplanta exhibition 2012″
22. “Technical assistance for marking packets of physical documents and archival transfer in standard units that will have RFID-CPV code 71356200-0 Technical assistance services”
23. Opportunity study for the delegation of local public transport services in Deva Municipality and connected villages
24. Realization of financing documentation for “Schema de minimis pentru investitiile realizate de intreprinderile mici si mijlocii”
25. R&D services and development of development concepts: “The analysis of the basic characteristics of RIS reference data and RIS services in general terms and development of the specifications to improve their quality”, “Detailed analysis of RIS systems and services in terms of increasing their quality”, “Organizing and coordinating QuoRiS.RD project”.”