Our services

Professionalism, experience and good reputation represent our business card we offer to current and future business partners.


Based on the experience and knowledge accumulated over time, our consultants build and run projects focused on feasible concepts, starting from the needs of customers and society as a whole, based on identified need’s proper funding line and covering all stages of progress and all eligibility and compliance of a project successfully implemented.


By the projects implemented to date and our experience we offer our clients the following services:


  • Design and specialized studies development services
  • Traffic studies for cities and municipalities
  • Consultancy in management
  • Project management
  • Technical assistance and implementation supervision
  • Analysis of public procurement training needs, project management, documentation for European funding schemes
  • Services to integrate new IT & C solutions with other applications and existing infrastructure
  • Delivery of complex solutions for hardware infrastructure, networking and software
  • Sale of hardware and network equipment
  • Customer on site integration and technical support
  • Evaluating and optimizing the degree of security at the entire level of the IT system